Our Governance

St. Luke’s is governed by a Council System. The Council is the Keeper of the Vision for the congregation. It helps the congregation discern what God is calling St. Luke’s to be and do. It holds that vision up for all to see, encouraging our ministries and congregants, to live toward it. 

The Council gathers on the third Sunday evening of the month. It is made up of the facilitators of our 10 ministries. At Council we share enthusiasm for our corporate ministry, encourage the individual ministries in their efforts, coordinate our ministry activities and communicate between ministries. 

Each of our 10 ministries are made up of a facilitator or co-facilitator and other lay people who form a team. They, too, are Vision Keepers, helping to develop, work toward and share with the congregation the vision for their piece of the ministry pie. 

They act to facilitate and be a catalyst for change in that particular area of ministry. They do so by developing  and strengthening lay leaders, inviting each team member and the congregation in general to share their specific skills and gifts. They act as a motivator, trust builder, networker and recruiter in that part of the ministry. 

The Ministry Teams act as a small group encouraging faith sharing, faith caring and faith works among their members and the members of the wider congregation who are involved with them. 

Our Ministries

There are currently ten Ministries in St. Luke’s organizational structure.

Exploring how we praise God.

Serving the needs of our local and wider community; mission and service fund, specific world outreach, local food bank, and Brunswick Street Mission.

Pastoral Care
Supporting and healing ministry; providing support to anyone in need including those beyond our membership through visitation, phone calls, prayers and cards of comfort and support.

Faith Development
Providing leadership to our Christian education programs (Sunday School, Youth Group, Bible Study, Vacation Bible School, St. Luke’s Community Players); finding ways to deepen our commitment to spiritual growth and practice.

Staying in touch with the community and each other through newsletters/special mailings, news releases and advertising, brochures, and A/V and website

Supporting our social activities which promote fellowship, such as coffee hours, special events and catering.

Coordinating responsible management of local and global resources, Stewardship organizes fundraising activities and initiatives in support of our programs and ministries.

Maintaining the physical assets of St. Luke’s for Christian discipleship and community activities; booking use of the facility by outside groups, the facility is an important and well-used community resource that requires attention to both long and short-term repairs and maintenance.

Maintaining the treasury functions within the church in support of our mission. This includes ensuring that the finance and equipment/supplies are coordinated in an effective and efficient manner.