Our History


St. Luke's United Church has a rich history of vision and growth. The church started in a home in 1895 and a year later, with much love and volunteer effort the first St. Luke's was built on land granted by a family.

The next major transition for the church came in 1952 with yet another donation of land, on which the current St. Luke's is situated, and the decision to start another building project. 

It would take until September of 1965 to see this project come to fruition.

By the late 1990's it was becoming evident that lack of sufficient space was having a serious impact on the growth of the congregation and the ability to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding community.  

So once again the decision to expand our building facilities was taken. All was not to be smooth sailing!  At a critical point in the project the power of the wind became evident. Amazingly, two weeks later we were back on schedule. 

In October 2002, the new expansion was formally dedicated.

Recent improvements include the installation of an overhead multimedia projector equipment in the Sanctuary and the addition of a room on the lower level under the sanctuary which houses two large water cauldrons that provide  clear and clean water for the whole of the building. 

The Church continues to receive modern updates and care courtesy of our Property Ministry.