Los Quinchos School

For our Lent and Easter Project, we are raising funds to help the street children of Nicaragua get an education.

Located in Managua, Nicaragua, Los Quinchos' local school, Centro Escolar Rodolfo Rodríguez Alvarado, provides education and skills training for 900 children supporting their families by working as street vendors. Los Quinchos educates children who would otherwise not be able to get to a school.

The school schedule takes into account the needs of working children and their families in a way the traditional school system can’t. Los Quinchos reaches out to families, involving them in their children’s education.

The school offers a nutrition program. For many children, the breakfast or lunch served at school may be the only, or most nutritious, meal of the day.

The school program focuses on basic education and literacy. Operating from a Christian faith base, staff model values of responsibility, generosity of spirit, sharing, and respect. 
Working with families, they build parenting skills to sustain an educated community committed to truth, justice, and peace.

The most urgent need for Los Quinchos is rebuilding classrooms. To house all students, they need to build three pavilions of three classrooms each.

  • $1,000 supports the building of 1/10 of a classroom
  • $10,000 supports building one classroom
  • $30,000 supports building a pavilion of three classrooms

To support this initiative, donations can be made through our CanadaHelps.org page.