The Nomads

Are you a walker or a Hiker?

Let St. Luke’s help you make your daily run or walk or your weekend hikes more meaningful. Join The Nomads, a walking, running & hiking small group.

How often have you started a physical regime with enthusiasm only to have it all fade out in a couple of days? How many times have you decided to be more intentional with your spiritual life only to engage in some practice a few times before it fizzles out? It takes 21 days to create a new habit and St. Luke’s want to help you create two new positives ones that are guaranteed to have all sorts of spin off benefits in virtually every aspect of your life. 

As a Nomad for 21 days starting April 27, you will receive each morning by an email a spiritual practice, a poem, a reflection or a photograph offering encouragement for mindful attention and accompaniment as you walk, run or hike.

Please register by email at Suggested donation for those participating is $3 payable in cash, cheque (put Nomads on the memo line) or you can donate using our Donate page.