St. Luke’s United Church is seeking a talented Music Director effective January 2018.  This is a contract position, renewable annually or until terminated by either party with one month’s notice in writing.

About St. Luke’s United Church

St. Luke’s United Church is a Christ-centered church that unites households that worship and serve God, in order to learn about Christian perspectives and share ministry tasks.  We are a family whose members care for each other, and for the community and world in which we live.  We minister daily to the needs of the families in Tantallon and St. Margaret's Bay area and members of the congregation throughout Halifax Regional Municipality.

We are known for our acoustics.  Our sanctuary space is conducive to both worship and a performance friendly space.  For music we have a baby grand Yamaha piano.


The Position

The principal responsibilities of the Music Director are:

  • Play the piano at services on Sunday morning and all Christian religious holidays as negotiated;
  • Direct special music at the above-noted services;
  • Have the discretion of the music for the Sunday services, with the exception of hymns;
  • In consultation with the Minister, select suitable music for church services and provide leadership for congregational singing of hymns;
  • Conduct rehearsal one evening a week for approximately two hours during the months of September to June;
  • Select and purchase choral and instrumental music, subject to budget guidelines set by Council;
  • Provide the Treasurer with invoices for music and supplies purchased;
  • Engage paid or unpaid vocal or instrumental musicians on an occasional or continuing basis, subject to budgetary limitations and with the approval of the Chair of Worship or designate;
  • Give advice regarding fees payable to musicians;
  • Play at weddings and funerals in the Church, provided that the Music Director is paid an additional fee for such services.  Such fees will be paid as per Church Policies and/or Professional Schedules;
  • Ensuring sound quality by working with the sound team;
  • Arrange for regular maintenance for the piano within budget;
  • Explore various musical avenues, services and expressions to enhance the overall worship experience;
  • The Music Director will be paid for 52 weeks of service.  If the Music Director is unavailable for any Sunday service, the Music Director will arrange for a substitute pianist/organist and will be responsible to cover the cost of the substitute’s fee;
  • Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.  These additional duties shall be agreed upon in writing.



The fee for professional services will be based on the Royal Canadian College of Organists table of remuneration.  RCCO takes into consideration educational qualifications, years of related experience and hours worked per week.


How to Apply

Interested parties should email a cover letter and resume to

Please note: all candidates interviewed will be asked to perform a piece of the interview team’s choosing.