Our Vision 2018-2028

(c) Brian Williams

(c) Brian Williams


Future Directions Team Members:

 Betty Bailly   Debbie MacIntyre   Charlie O'Handley   Tara Pitts       Annika Sangster 


Future Directions Report


St. Luke’s United Church has under gone several changes in the past five years that have had a major impact on the church and congregation. According to the life cycle of a congregation, St. Luke’s has gone through the formation stage, stability stage, decline stage and is now in the redevelopment stage. These changes have impacted the financial stability and the size of our weekly congregation attending church services. In addition, the national church is undergoing a major restructuring. Although change is difficult, there is a desire to move St. Luke’s from a good church to a great church. The Future Directions Team has been developed to help facilitate a smooth transition. The purpose of the Future Directions Team is to assist in the management of change(s), reduce related disharmony and strengthen St. Luke’s connection to the surrounding communities.
This report was presented to the Council of St. Luke’s United Church Jan. 21, 2018.