Milestone Services

God is with you throughout your life journey. At St. Luke’s United we want to help you celebrate God’s presence at the special milestones in your life and  the life of your family.

If you would like St. Luke's United Church to officiate your milestone service, please contact our minister ( for more information. 

Baptism & Profession of Faith

The birth of a baby is a time of awe at the miracle of creation. There is also the added  responsibility of caring for a little one. Baptism brings comfort as your family, friends and  your St Luke’s family of faith confirmed their love, support and ongoing care for your child and yourself as you grow together in faith. 

When someone comes to faith as an adult, they are recognized as one whom God has claimed, called and commissioned in a profession of faith within the context of the worshiping community. 



As a church, we believe the love of God is found within our relationships with one another and, because of our belief, we celebrate the Covenant of Marriage as a service of Christian worship. 


Funeral and Memorial Services

And at life’s end, we again remember the wonder and mystery of life, give thanks for the life lived and grieve the loss of our loved one. In a Funeral or Memorial Service, we again note God’s presence as we celebrate their life, reach out to their family and friends with care and support, and remember the story of the resurrection and, in doing so, gain hope, strength and courage.  

Whether it be marking a new business venture, the blessing of a new home, or moving to a special care residence, St. Luke’s is there to accompany you on all those life markers. In times of celebrations, in times of concern, we want to walk with you on your journey. Our special services of worship, some celebrated in the midst of the faith community, some more private in nature,  help to name and mark the occasion in a meaningful way. 

Please note:  Our funeral policy is currently under review.  If you have a question about our funeral policy, please contact the office for an accurate response.