Our Art

St. Luke's is blessed by a congregation that embraces creativity and worship through artistic endeavors. 

With four painting groups using our space each week we see ourselves as nurturing a community of artistic learning and creative expression. Each Thursday, our Lower Hall is a beehive of activity as the large group of Community Stitchers, knit, crochet and craft the most amazing items. 

We thank everyone who contributes to the creative energy that infuses the building, thanks to the artistic endeavours of these local artists. 
We invite you to learn more about the artwork that you'll find at St. Luke's United. 

Cathedral 2

The stunning glazed ceramic piece, Cathedral 2, that hangs prominently in the sanctuary was presented to St. Luke's by the artist Eliza Au (NSCAD, BFA '05). 

The body of work presented in Cathedral was an eight month project which presented many challenges.  This project was an attempt to work on a larger scale and re-interpret the aesthetic moment of viewing a cathedral dome.

The congregation of St. Luke's thanks Eliza for this most generous gift.