About Learning


The Faith Formation, Fellowship & Family Ministry is responsible for faith formation for those of all ages within the congregation.

Their mandate includes encouragement and resourcing of all the small groups that are involved in education, gather around a shared interest or activity or meet for fellowship.

Recognizing the busyness and demands upon families of all shapes and sizes, this ministry seeks to offer family activities and events that support and uplift a healthy and balanced family life. On behalf of St. Luke’s we strive to provide a supportive atmosphere where we can play, learn, and grow together in faith.

Here are some of the activities that fall under the umbrella of Faith Formation:


  • Nursery
  • Sunday School
  • Youth Programming
  • Activity Paks
  • Pop Up Play Space (during Coffee & Conversation)
  • Vacation Bible School
  • St. Luke’s  High School Bursary Program
  • Intermediates at Conference and Youth Forum Participation


  • Study Groups
  • Small Groups 
  • Leadership Brunches

Creativity (Music, Arts, Drama)

  • The Cardinal Points
  • The St. Luke’s Players

Spirituality (Body, Mind & Spirit)

  • Retreat Days
  • Spiritual Practice Groups
  • The Nomads


  • Library
  • Book Display & Sales
  • Print Resources 
  • Bulletin Boards