New to Worship?

Welcome to St. Luke’s! At church, we want everyone to feel at home and as welcome as possible. If you have questions about the church experience, here's what happens on a typical Sunday morning. 

The Entry

The Entry

Once inside you will be immediately immersed into the St. Luke’s Community as a number of congregants gather in the entry to exchange greetings before worship. 

On the table in front of the window, is a wooden Prayer Box. If you would like prayers said for yourself, a loved one, friend or a local or global situation, you are invited to place the request in the box. There is a paper and pen in there to do so.

The Narthex

Proceed through the glass doors to the Narthex. Here you will find the coat rack and the washrooms (located to your left). 

When you are ready to enter the sanctuary, you will be offered a bulletin, a name tag, and a visitors envelope, if required, by our Greeters. 

A copy of the Church@Work, our weekly newsletter, which will give you a introduction to our ministry, upcoming events and the myriad of programs we offer and or community groups we host each week can be found on our bulletin board.  We'd be happy to copy it for you, as we email it out to approximately 150 households each week. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please send your request to

If asked, the Greeter will introduce and seat you alongside a regular attender so they may answer any questions you might have about worship or the church. 

If you have children, you may wish to locate the colouring table before worship begins.  It can be found on the right side of the sanctuary, near the front.  There are often colouring sheets, blank paper, crayons and colouring pencils along with books and other quiet activities. 

The Nursery

The Nursery

We love to have you and your wee one in the sanctuary throughout the service but, if you feel you or your baby or toddler would feel more comfortable where they could move about our brightly decorated, well-equipped nursery is straight ahead.

There is a window into the sanctuary and a speaker so that you may hear the service as your little one plays.  

We are Nursing Mom Friendly. There is a comfy chair in the nursery for you. If you would like to drink a glass of water, there are glasses in the upper shelf in the mini kitchen in the Upper Hall.

The change table is found in the bathroom off the Narthex closest to the doors to the Upper Hall. Supplies are found under the change table. 

If you need assistance with anything, please do not hesitate to ask the Greeter. They may not always know the answer but will connect you with someone who will.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

The Hymn Book Rack is located in the Sanctuary between the two doors from the Narthex. Although the words to the songs are projected, if you read music you may want to pick up a copy of Voices United and More Voices.

We are a congregation that loves community and, because of that, there is a lot of pre-service chatter.

On The Screen

The PowerPoint will be featuring a number of our upcoming events or ongoing programs that we want to draw attention to.

The Service

The Gathering

The Congregation stands as the Choir and Minister enter. Once they have entered, please sit. 

A welcome will be extended by the Lay Leader who will also draw a number of announcements from the Church@Work to the congregation’s attention. 

There will be a short musical interlude before the Call to Worship, Choral Introit, Candle Lighting and Opening Prayer. 

From time to time prayers or readings may be in unison (we all say it together) or responsive (where the worship leader says and line and the congregation responds). This will be indicated in the bulletin and on the screen. 

The Word

This portion of the service is more quiet and reflective. 

Each week there is scripture(s) or other readings followed by a responsive response which will be printed on the screen.

The readings are explored through the message which is offered by the minister, guest speaker or one of our lay leaders from the congregation. Sometimes the scripture, readings or message is delivered in the form of drama, song or in an interactive format. 

The Response

Pastoral Prayers are offered by a member of our Pastoral Care or Outreach Ministries Teams.

The collection plates are passed. An alternative to weekly offering is to donate through monthly PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance). A Form to apply for your contribution to be paid automatically through PAR can be found on the table in the entry. Also, cards to put in the collection plate to indicate you donate by PAR are located there as well. 

The Going Out

The tone of the Service changes again as we prepare to move out into the world. The music is more lively. After being nurtured and strengthened by our experience in worship, the prayers, benediction and commissioning are all focused on challenging us to live our life our life more fully, to reach out to others and to move the world closer to the reign of peace and justice that Christ calls us to. 

Coffee & Conversation

Following Worship, please join us as congregation gathers in the Upper Hall for a time of fellowship and refreshment. There is a pop-up play space of tunnels and tents for the children to crawl through while their parents gather round to watch and chat with one another. 

The Library

We also have a lending library in the Upper Hall featuring books on Theology, Outreach, Biblical, and every aspect of living and congregational life. There is a Children’s section, videos and CD’s. We hope you will browse and borrow.