Freedom Renewal Centre

St. Luke's Freedom Renewal Centre is a welcoming space of renewal for marginalized people in the HRM community.  


We opened our doors at St. Luke’s in January, 2012 in response to unmet spiritual needs we saw in the lives of our neighbours. We host day retreats for people who may be excluded or isolated because of poverty, addictions, mental health issues or other life circumstances. 

A typical day at Freedom Renewal Centre is fairly simple: we share coffee and conversation, we might go for a bike ride or a trail walk, take a stroll on the beach, do some gardening, or work together on a creative activity. Sometimes we just sit quietly and read a book. 

The people who come to spend the day with us define what their day will look like.  We always sit down for a shared nutritious meal, which has become a central part of our time together at the centre. 
Our vision is for  inclusive community supporting the spiritual gifts and needs of people experiencing exclusion.

“God is the person you are talking to, the one right in front or you.”
Leon Dufour

Our goal is to provide one-day retreats in partnership with individuals and communities. 

Our spiritual focus is on  meeting people where they are, and on creating a space to find peace and tranquility away from the stresses of daily living.  Renewal at our centre reflects the aspirations, gifts and needs of people as they identify them.

Our belief in community is evident in our partnerships with existing organizations and agencies to build meaningful and appropriate programming. We take a collaborative, strengths-based approach that engages people in the process of creating their own sanctuary space.  

Our resources include a beautiful, natural setting 25 minutes from downtown Halifax. We are two minutes from the St. Margaret's Bay walking trail and close to numerous beaches.  

Freedom Renewal Centre is founded on a belief in the deep value of all people.  We embrace the words of Leon Dufour who affirmed:  "God is the person you are talking to, the one right in front of you."