Our National Church

We are proud to be part of the United Church of Canada which came into existence in 1925 when the Methodist, Congregational and the majority of Presbyterian Churches came together to form a national church spanning from sea to sea. 

The General Council of the United Church meets every three years to elect a new Moderator. Our current Moderator is Gary Patterson. 

The National Church is made up of thirteen Conferences, twelve of which are geographical and one, the All Native Circle, welcomes membership from congregations across the country.

We are part of Maritime Conference

There are 13 Presbyteries and one Synod, Bermuda, within Maritime Conference.

We are part of Halifax Presbytery

The structure is conciliar in nature, rather than hierarchical, in that the relationship is a like circles within circles; at the centre is Christ, surrounded by the Congregation, encircled by Presbytery. The Conference circle goes around the Presbytery and the it is encompassed by the General Council. 

A Comprehensive Review of the church has just been completed. Recommendations from that review call for a move in structure from the current 4 court system to 3 courts. The recommendations will come to the 2015 General Council to be adopted.

To read the summary of recommendations entitled United in God’s Work please click here