The Cardinal Points

Out of 2014’s Spring Concert came the formation of a new Quartet. Brian Bright, Bruce
Burrows, Jacob Fletcher and Mike Forhan, within 15 minutes they had the solo parts and harmonies created and the basis formed for not only that song, but a musical
camaraderie which led to a summer of rehearsal fun twice a week here at St. Luke's
under the direction of Elaine Forhan. A successful Fall Concert was followed by an equally entertaining Christmas one. 

The Cardinal Points, as they are now named, with accompanist Edith Steffens, are naturals performers. With great harmonies, solid solos, an interesting and musically varied lineup, and personalities plus, these four gentlemen give the audience a memorable show. 

St. Luke’s is proud that the Cardinal Points call St. Luke’s their home church and look forward to their 2015 performances.